Water Use Restriction Ordinance

We all need to work together to conserve water. We ask that you work to implement these water conservation measures:

  • Reduce the number of times you flush your toilets.
  • Take shorter, more efficient showers.
  • Rinse dishes in a few inches of water in the sink rather than under a running faucet.
  • Reduce the use of a dishwasher by only running when it is full.
  • Reduce the use of a clothes washer by only running it with a large load.
  • Collect rain water (when we get it!) in a bucket for watering house plants and gardens.

The chart below outlines how quickly a leak can grow out of control:

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services has begun a Water Conservation Campaign... click here for more info!


Spring is coming? There will be many areas that will remain damp as the snow cover melts, and runoff will be very noticeable in the ditches.  As you start enjoying the weather, you can still keep an eye out for potential leaks. A small pool of water in an otherwise dry area could signify a main leak, depending on the location. Damp or soggy areas that don’t seem to be drying up could also indicate a possible problem.  Curb stops can be "bumped" by snow plows, which makes it difficult for our operators to service them. We welcome any questions, comments and/or concerns about the water system, and thank you in advance for your help.

Conservation efforts and our ability to be proactive with our maintenance helps us continue to deliver superior water to all in our community. In ensuring that quality and quantity of water does not diminish for another 30 years we ask that you remain proactive with conservation practices and vigilant to any issue that may reduce the quality of our water. Please still look for leaks in and around your homes. We all need to do what we can to preserve what we have now and what we will pass on to the next generations. As always, we welcome any questions, comments and/or concerns about our water system.

"Use water wisely"

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