~ VDE Wastewater ~


Please do not flush diapers down your toilets!!

We have recently had issues with disposable diapers being caught in the West Cove B sewer pump stations. These stations pump raw sewage from West Cove to the wastewater treatment facility on Clearwater Drive: if the pump stations fail, sewage will go into the lake. Rags or disposable diapers ARE NOT flushable – please dispose of these items properly. Additionally, "flushable" or "biodegradable" wipes are not safe for our wastewater system.

A NH DES pamphlet found here shows items that can be flushed, and those that cannot.

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The quarterly residential wastewater fee for 2019 will change with the first quarter billing. Effective with the first quarter billing, the residential fee will be $168.06 plus $0.102 per 100 gallons of water purchased from the VDE, based on the preceding quarterly meter readings. This means that the quarterly fee will no longer be a constant amount. If you are using an automated bill payment processor, please ensure that the remittance amount is updated to reflect the correct billed amount.

The postal forwarding order from the ESC has now expired - please ensure that you are using the correct remittance address of VDE, PO Box 990, Grantham, NH.

Please do not combine payments for wastewater fees and water usage! Each division is billed through separate systems and payments cannot be split between the two. Thank you!